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Today, sports are including in such a kind of league where there are some teams that compete inside a competition which each team must do the best in order to be the winner of the league. Through being the winner inside the competition, of course, the winner will be the champion of the league. In giving the appreciation for the winner and also the second and third winner, the league management gives the sing of the champion.

So do the football game; the team which is being the winner of the competition is given about fantasy football trophy. There are some fantasy football trophies that given for the players and also the coach. This is the way of making the history noticed and also memorized into a symbol of a winner and champion. The winner of each season maybe different which makes the trophy will be different for the winner.

On the fantasy football plaques, of course, there will be the name of the person who gets the achievement. More, fantasy football awards are not only given for the athlete and the coach. Sometimes the judges or referee are also given for the fantasy football plaque.

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